- - Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yemeni truce breached by shelling; 16 dead

SANAA — Yemeni government forces on Wednesday fired mortars at tens of thousands of mourners at funerals held for protesters killed in clashes and attacked an opposition base, shattering a cease-fire negotiated a day earlier to end the Arab nation’s latest bout of deadly violence.

The two attacks killed 16 people.

The mourners were gathered for funeral prayers for anti-government protesters killed in a deadly, three-day government crackdown in which the death toll topped 80 - a sudden spike in violence explained by protesters’ impatience with longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who they say is dragging his feet instead of signing a deal to step down.

Nine people were killed.


Kirchner wants new talks on Falkland Islands

UNITED NATIONS — President Cristina Kirchner warned Britain on Wednesday that Argentina could suspend bilateral working agreements if London fails to sit down for talks over the sovereignty of the Falklands.

“We declare before this assembly that we are going to wait a reasonable amount of time, but [if no talks take place] we will be obligated to revise the provisional agreements that are currently in effect,” the Argentine leader said at the United Nations.

Both countries claim the Falkland Islands, which since the 1830s have been controlled by London, and the territory has been at the heart of renewed diplomatic bickering since the start of oil and gas exploration there last year.

Argentina and Britain fought a brief war in 1982 for control of the Falklands in which Argentina was roundly defeated.

But Britain has long maintained that it will keep control of the islands, whose inhabitants are overwhelmingly of British descent.


Turkey to mark undersea borders

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