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For those who aren’t from down under like Sav is, “rapped” means extremely happy.

Cooley closer to returning to form

The third chapter in tight end Chris Cooley’s return from his knee injury will be written Monday night. He has played 75 snaps compared to Fred Davis’ 114, but how much of the disparity is due to the knee isn’t totally clear.

Cooley still has played a significant amount, which has pleasantly surprised some coaches who initially feared he’d miss the start of the season.

“When you’re out for a month and you’re not able to practice in pads and your first time in pads is a game situation, you feel little bit uncomfortable,” Shanahan said. “That’s what Chris is talking about. Every time Chris plays in pads and practices in pads, he’s feeling better, he feels like he’s more ready to do what he’s capable of doing.”