Daily Caller: Bristol Palin heckled while out in Los Angeles

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Bristol Palin heckled while out in Los Angeles

Bristol Palin was the victim last week of verbal abuse by a 47-year-old heckler who called her “white trash” and her mother, Sarah Palin, a “whore.”

During a trip to the Saddle Ranch Chop House on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the 20-year-old rode a jerky mechanical bull for several minutes before falling to the floor. Before Miss Palin got to her feet, Stephen Hanks, as identified by TMZ started yelling at her.

As Miss Palin walked over to the man, Mr. Hanks was videotaped saying, “Her mother is a [expletive] whore, she’s the devil.”

When Miss Palin got in his face, Mr. Hanks repeated, “Your mother [is] the [expletive] devil.”

“What did she do wrong?” Miss Palin asked.

“She lives, she breathes,” he replied. “If there was a hell … she gonna be there.”

When a young woman approached Mr. Hanks and told him to leave Miss Palin alone, he used the classic kindergarten “she started it” response.

She came up to me,” Mr. Hanks said of Miss Palin.

Mr. Hanks caught up with TMZ afterward and explained that he wasn’t a fan of the Palin family.

“It kind of felt good to get off my chest,” Mr. Hanks said.

After the incident took place, Miss Palin wrote on her Facebook fan page, “Always amazes me how evil people can be.”

Read more:http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/25/bristol-palin-taunted-by-47-year-old-man/#ixzz1Z4BKLXg1

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