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“We must choose and choose wisely, or else we will see another John McCain-style RINO as the GOP nominee. If that happens, the tea party has lost,” Mr. Phillips advises.


Exuberant Republicans = rowdy fans?

“Judging by the response of recent audiences, the next Republican presidential primary debate should be held in a reproduction Roman coliseum, the proper venue to cheer the execution of one’s fellow human beings. … The audience, not the candidates, has become the reason to watch the debates and to wonder what they say about politics, culture and the state of the Republican Party in 2011,” says a Concord Monitor editorial.

The New Hampshire paper says rowdy GOPers are guilty of disturbing “Wrestlemania behavior.” And of course. The revelation is gleefully and eagerly circulated by the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


• 79 percent of Americans give President Obama a negative job review on how he has handled the economy.

• 97 percent of Republicans, 94 percent of conservatives, 58 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of liberals agree.

• 21 percent of Americans overall give Mr. Obama a positive job review on the economy.

• 3 percent of Republicans, 6 percent of conservatives, 42 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of liberals agree.

• 69 percent of Americans say the U.S. is “still in a recession.”

• 76 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Democrats agree.

• 46 percent overall expect the economy to stay the same in the next year, 34 percent expect it to worsen, 21 percent say it will improve.

Source: A Harris Interactive Poll of 2,462 U.S. adults conducted Sept. 12-19.

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