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Fisher and union executive director Billy Hunter had attorneys Jeffrey Kessler and Ron Klempner with them, and economist Kevin Murphy will return Wednesday.

Neither side would say if there were any new proposals, with Fisher also using the word concepts.

“We’re not holding anybody accountable to ideas being thrown out in the room,” he said. “It’s really just a process that we’re trying to go through to see if we can get a deal done.”

Stern and Fisher said there was discussion of both major obstacles to a deal, the salary cap system and the split of revenues. Players were guaranteed 57 percent under the previous collective bargaining agreement, but have said the owners’ proposals would have them in the 40s.

Stern was asked if the sides would continue to meet often if this wasn’t headed somewhere. Though he assumed they would, a clearer idea could emerge Wednesday.

“We won’t really be able to answer that question fully until after tomorrow’s session,” he said.


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