- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 27, 2011


“Hope and change” has evolved into scare and pain (“Obama to blacks: ‘Stop complaining’ and fight,” Web, Saturday). The subject of the article illustrates that President Obama is nothing more than a conventional, partisan political hack and race-baiter who preys on people’s fears based on color and ethnicity.

Mr. Obama and his bigoted, liberal cohorts in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) encourage the black community to continue supporting the president regardless of his economic policies, which have disproportionately hurt the black community. The CBC and many supposed “civil rights” leaders prove what many in the white community have always surmised in private but have been afraid to say publicly lest they be branded a bigot or racist: The color of a person’s skin is given more importance than the content of one’s character.

The entire concept of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of equality under the law has been corrupted to mean that if you are of a certain race, you’re more entitled to the public benefit of citizenship (read: tax money) and have civil-rights exceptions carved out for you that other citizens aren’t allowed to enjoy. That is not “hope and change.” It is an abuse of the Constitution and a form of bigotry.

Certain citizens and corporations have been shaken down by a contingent that wishes to continue looting an empty Treasury to redistribute the wealth and silence anyone who opposes them.


Virginia Beach, Va.



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