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They returned to Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills mansion after that, stopping at the gate again. “He was in good spirits,” Williams said. “He wanted to stop and say, `Hi.’ He even had some conversation with the fans.”

Outside the house, parked in its usual spot, was Murray’s car.

Williams brought in gifts that had been given to Jackson and said good night. Williams checked out with the security staff and went home. The next day at 12:13 p.m. his cell phone rang. There was a message from Murray.

“Were you asked to call 911?” Walgren asked.

“No sir,” Williams said.

He remembered reaching Jackson security guard Alberto Alvarez. “I said, `I don’t know what’s going on but you have to get in the house’ … I said, `Run. Hurry.’”

Williams said he rushed from his downtown home and arrived just as Jackson’s body was being loaded into an ambulance. He helped to gather Jackson’s three children and put them in a car to follow the ambulance.

“What was Dr. Murray’s appearance?” Walgren asked.

“Frantic,” he said. “I knew it was serious.”

Williams said he was standing outside the emergency room area when Dr. Murray and a group of doctors emerged. “He walked out and closed the curtains,” he said softly. “He said, `He passed.’”

At one point, Walgren had Williams identify a photograph of Jackson’s children. The famous photo was taken at a memorial service shortly after Jackson’s death was projected on a large courtroom screen.

On cross-examination, defense attorney Ed Chernoff questioned Williams about Murray’s actions at the hospital. He said Murray asked to be taken back to Jackson’s home to collect some cream he believed Jackson would not want the public to know about. It was later found to be skin whitening cream that is used in the treatment of vitiligo, a skin condition that the singer had.

Williams said he felt police would not want anyone returning to the home and he did not take Murray there. He then said the doctor said he was hungry and asked for food.

Chernoff suggested that Williams should have known from Murray’s call that there was an emergency.

Williams disagreed.

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