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That’s probably the point. The man’s fans have come to expect a certain sound, and Mr. Strait, one of the highest-selling artists in American history, has no reason to throw them a curveball. Still, when a game is this predictable, where’s the fun in being a spectator?

‘Achtung Baby’ reissue

U2’s success is generally attributed to the band’s unmatched ability to adapt to modern trends. On “Achtung Baby,” though, the guys actually set the trend, exploring an experimental, industrial sound that helped give rise to the ‘90s alternative rock scene.

Twenty years later, the album is about to be released again - Nov. 1, to be exact - this time as a deluxe box set. There are five versions to choose from, running the gamut from a single-disc reissue to an “Uber Deluxe Edition,” which includes four DVDs, six CDs, multiple art prints and even a pair of Bono’s iconic “Fly” sunglasses.