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“It’s not right or left. It’s right or wrong.”

- Bumper sticker sold by the Republican National Committee online store


• 53 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, 68 percent disapprove of the job done by Republicans in Congress.

• 42 percent say they trust Mr. Obama “to do a better job” handling the economy; 39 percent trust Republicans.

• 40 percent trust the president to create jobs, 40 percent trust Republicans.

• 39 percent trust Mr. Obama to handle the federal budget deficit; 42 percent trust Republicans.

• 34 percent say Mr. Obama’s economic programs make the economy “worse,” 17 percent say they make the economy “better,” 47 percent say the programs have “no effect.”

• 15 percent say they are “better off financially” since Mr. Obama became president.

Source: An ABC News/Washington Post poll of 1,001 adults conducted Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

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