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“Texas football is great high school football … The dynamics are significant.”

The Aggies will likely have to pay an exit fee for leaving the Big 12. It cost Nebraska $9.25 million and Colorado $6.9 million. But that shouldn’t hold the move up considering the SEC distributed a record $18.3 million in revenue to each of the 12 members this year.

The Aggies’ intentions have sparked more talk of conference realignment stretching across the country.

The Big 12 has already lost Nebraska (Big Ten) and Colorado (Pac-12). Oklahoma president David Boren said last week that multiple conferences have expressed interest in the Sooners and he expects a decision within a few weeks. Oklahoma State billionaire booster Boone Pickens also said he doesn’t think the Big 12 will survive much longer and predicted the Cowboys will eventually join the Pac-12.

It might not be over for the SEC, either, if the league that has won the last five BCS championships in football decides to add a 14th team or even expand to a 16-team superconference.

Mississippi State’s Keenum said Slive has assured the schools that “scheduling issues” caused by having imbalanced divisions could be ironed out.

Vandy’s Williams also doesn’t think it’s necessarily imperative that the SEC add a 14th team to maintain.

“The Big 10 stayed at 11 for quite awhile,” he said. “I think that our folks at the conference they’ll work all of this out; 12, 13, 14 whatever it is we’ll be a happy family.”


AP Sports Writers Stephen Hawkins, Teresa Walker, Beth Rucker and David Brandt contributed to this report.