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“There’s always the what ifs, but I try not to. Once in a blue moon you might think about it, but if he didn’t change the meeting, I wouldn’t be thinking anything,” Mr. Boudreau said. “If anything I [think], ‘Well, the last 10 years have been tremendous.’ “

Mr. Boudreau has taken countless flights since, and the events of that day changed how he views air travel as it has for many people. Unlike on Sept. 10, 2001, he didn’t sleep on the cross-country flight back and said he always peeks at fellow passengers’ computers if he can.

But as for life itself, it has gone on for Mr. Boudreau, even amid the sorrow of Bailey’s death. He pays more attention to it when anniversaries come around but avoids thinking or talking about it. According to Mr. Murray, who remains a good friend, the topic hasn’t come up in conversation since.

When it is brought up, Mr. Boudreau seems in awe of how small things can turn out to be major.

“God’s got a plan, I guess. It wasn’t my time,” he said. “It’s crazy. Believe me, I’m very grateful that I’m here.”