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‘Entourage’ actor to Obama: ‘Lead, don’t concede’

President Obama isn’t such a Hollywood favorite these days.

“Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier took to Twitter on Tuesday to call out the president for withdrawing a plan to strengthen emissions regulations for smog-causing chemicals.

“COME ON @BarackObama why did you cave :( ? Lead, don’t concede!” the 35-year-old celebrity tweeted, linking to a blog post on SHFT.com titled “Obama Bails on Smog Plan.”

Mr. Grenier has been interested in environmental issues for years. In 2008, he starred in a show called “Alter Eco,” which followed the actor and several green experts demonstrating changes that have to be made to be more eco-friendly.

Director Lars Von Trier takes a different lesson from history than most people. To him, it "shows that we are all Nazis somewhere." (Associated Press)
Director Lars Von Trier takes a different lesson from history than most ... more >

Mr. Grenier’s not alone in his frustration over recent Obama administration moves.

Hollywood icon Robert Redford wrote in a Sept. 2 Huffington Post column that he’s displeased with the manner in which Mr. Obama has handled recent environmental issues.

“One reason I supported President Obama is because he said we must protect clean air, water and lands. But what good is it to say the right thing unless you act on it?” the 75-year-old actor wrote. “Since early August, three administration decisions — on Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline and the ozone that causes smog — have all favored dirty industry over public health and a clean environment. Like so many others, I’m beginning to wonder just where the man stands.”

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Filmmaker von Trier again discussing Nazis

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier is in trouble once again for talking sympathetically about Nazis.

Mr. von Trier, who made headlines before this year’s Cannes Film Festival for saying he was “actually a Nazi” and “sympathized with [Adolf Hitler] a bit,” told a public forum at the Berlin Film Festival that “history shows that we are all Nazis somewhere … the way we do not investigate it is to make it a taboo to talk about it.”

The controversial director also commented to German journalists that “the French are the real Nazis.” The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Mr. von Trier was referring to France’s anti-Gypsy policies.

He tried to deflect criticism by reaffirming the Jewish heritage of his stepfather, Ulf Trier, telling the Independent that “since he was Jewish and gave me a cultural Jewish upbringing, I am as good a Jew as any.”

For his comments earlier this year, Mr. von Trier was banned from the Cannes Film Festival for life.

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