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Cuban insisted that he failed in trying to make the situation work, and that he didn’t have to talk to anyone else to know the end had arrived.

“If I’m going to be the guy who smiles with my hand on the trophy, I’ve got to be the guy who takes the responsibility,” Cuban said. “It was just my initiative, just paying attention. … I was working with him, tried to get him back on the horse. When I failed, it was my job to recognize it, and deal with it.”

Odom, the husband and reality TV co-star of Khloe Kardashian, still has a year left on his four-year contract. Any team that has the 13-year veteran on its roster on June 29 must give him a $2.4 million buyout or be responsible for the full $8.2 million he would be due in 2012-13.

“The way his contract is structured, it will hopefully create some opportunities for us,” Cuban said, acknowledging he thinks Odom is tradeable. “Absolutely. It’s in his best interests to get his act together, and I’m sure he will. Lamar is still a talented basketball player. He just went through some issues this year. We thought we could work through them with him this year and we weren’t able to. Next.”