Scott teases media with 3D ‘Prometheus’ excerpts

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LONDON (AP) - Sir Ridley Scott has launched his spaceship “Prometheus” in London.

The British director showed a 3D montage of his much-anticipated sci-fi thriller Tuesday for the first time _ his return to the genre after classics like “Alien” and “Bladerunner.”

Stars Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace were also there to see themselves onboard “Prometheus” in 3D.

The excerpts showed their mission to a distant planet, following clues from ancient civilizations about signs of alien life.

Scott admits the film developed out of his earlier sci-fi stories, but says it evolved from a prequel or a sequel into a far distant relation. He says “now the actual connection to the original ‘Alien’ is barely in its DNA.”

“Prometheus” is due for release this summer.

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