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“People are giving him advice” to surrender, Smith said, “and he might want to follow it.”

While police find the fugitive Facebook posting a little frustrating, it’s a source of glee for Teri Newell of Port Angeles who says she helped raise Nicolaysen and describes herself as his aunt.

“I think it’s hilarious,” said Newell, who confirmed the Facebook account belonged to Nicolaysen.

“That’s my boy, Travis,” she said.

“Every single time he gets out of jail, he doesn’t check in,” said Newell, who also complains that police are heavy-handed.

She said she doesn’t know where he is.

“If he’s smart, he’s hidden away, tucked away safe,” she said.

An email to Nicolaysen from The Associated Press bounced back.

Port Angeles attorney Robert Vienneau, who says he knows Nicolaysen, says the fugitive does what he has to do to get by.

Travis comes from a rough background, but he’s got a good heart,” Vienneau said.


Associated Press writer Phuong Le contributed to this report.