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Mr. Holder’s actions aren’t terribly surprising, given his role as a senior partner at Covington & Burling LLP before service in the Obama administration. It’s one of the leading Washington law firms representing Guantanamo detainees, and its pro bono work for radical Islamic terrorism suspects stands out as a badge of honor on its website - not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But do Americans really want lawyers who helped defend al Qaeda and Taliban suspects linked to supervision of their prosecutions? Does it make any sense whatsoever in protecting our nation?

From his plans to virtually hand KSM a megaphone for spouting al Qaeda propaganda in New York to barely escaping a civilian jury’s acquittal of Ahmed Ghailani in the bombings at two U.S. Embassies in East Africa to slamming the New York Police Department’s efforts to prevent terrorism, Mr. Holder has given us another reason to question his - and the Obama administration’s - judgment.

J.D. Gordon is a retired Navy commander who served as a Pentagon spokesman in the George W. Bush administration.