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Asked by the 911 operator whether the person was “black, white or Hispanic,” Mr. Zimmerman says, “He looks black.”

That widely played tape was misleadingly edited by NBC to go directly from Mr. Zimmerman saying Trayvon looked suspicious to saying he looks black, with no interruption or query in between.

The operator told Mr. Zimmerman not to follow him, and he responded by complaining that bad guys “always get away.” Mr. Zimmerman says he then walked to his truck, and that Trayvon approached him from behind.

Trayvon’s parents said he had walked to a convenience store to purchase an iced tea and Skittles, and was returning to his father’s girlfriend’s home.

Several legal analysts on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” show Wednesday night agreed that the second-degree murder charge doesn’t seem supportable based on what is publicly known and therefore Ms. Corey, who repeatedly declined detailed questions about the case, has to have further facts or witnesses.

“She must. She must have evidence of what happened in those few minutes” before the shooting, Jeffrey Toobin said.

Under Florida law, second-degree murder is a homicide that was not planned but resulted from an “imminently dangerous act” reflecting a “depraved” disregard for life. By contrast, manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years, is a death resulting from a “reckless” but not necessarily “depraved” act.

“Manslaughter would have made more sense given the facts that have become public,” CNN legal analyst Mark Nejame said.

Dave Boyer contributed to this report.