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“I think Robert is going to be the person that certainly — Baylor is [167] years old — is the most acclaimed athlete Baylor has ever had, not only as a player but also academically, as a leader and just a good human being,” McLane said. “Those are the things that are going to be remembered.”

The Redskins covet those qualities for the new face of their franchise, a player who must shift their building effort into a higher gear after winning only 11 games in the past two seasons.

In Griffin, they would acquire a player who already has turned around one program and has a plan to do it again.

“I won’t just try to be flamboyant and act like I’m the man, I’m the leader,” Griffin said. “You have to earn that respect from your players, so I’ll do it from the inside of the organization out to the fans. All the players will get the recognition for what we do, not just myself. I’m looking forward to going out there and having fun … and my definition of fun is winning.”