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“A lot of people believe him. A lot of people don’t, and I don’t blame them, because a lot of people here have been hurt by Castro for more than 50 years. When something like that comes up, with the new stadium opening right here in Little Havana, that’s something people don’t forget. We have to live with that and see if people will forget.”

The long-overlooked Marlins have been transformed by their move into the new ballpark and an offseason spending binge that raised expectations about a playoff bid. The tumult created by Guillen’s remarks intensified the spotlight, but there has been little focus so far on balls and strikes, with the manager drawing most of the attention.

And lately he hasn’t even been around.

“Obviously, we miss him. He’s our leader,” said Joey Cora, who was interim manager. “It’s going to be an interesting day when he comes back. There’s no hiding behind it. We know Tuesday is going to be a little bit different, but hopefully after Tuesday we expect everything to get back to normal. But we’ll see.”