- The Washington Times - Monday, April 16, 2012


It seems that every time I hear President Obama speak at a fundraiser or other function, he either says something blatantly incorrect or stretches the truth to absurd levels. Afterward, he always seems to find himself some excuse for his erroneous statements and has his minions back him up with what he meant to say. But the damage has been done.

When I read articles and commentaries from the media, their offerings almost always seem to be skewed either left or right. Where are the journalists seeking out the positions of both sides and examining everything honestly in their writings? We can come to our own conclusions. Where are the men and women of integrity who seek to educate honestly and fairly, and who hold themselves to standards that should be a given? Nowadays, the higher standard of truth is something special.

It seems that pundits, too, think it’s OK to mislead, lie and push their positions regardless of the veracity of what they say. Have we all just come to the point where we simply accept this and say that both sides do it and that is just the way it is?

That is not the way it should be. Until truth becomes the standard to which we hold our elected representatives, the media and ourselves, there will be an unresolvable division in this country.





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