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The incident report from the Port of Portland, which operates the airport, said some passengers covered their eyes and the eyes of their children. Others laughed and took photos. The disorderly conduct charge was dropped at Mr. Brennan’s arraignment Wednesday.

Mr. Brennan said in an interview that he did not arrive at the airport with the intention of getting naked. He said the Transportation Security Administration crosses the line between privacy and security. He decided to protest after he was pulled aside after going through the metal detector and a pat-down, he said.

“The most effective way to tell them I’m not carrying a bomb is take off my clothes,” said Mr. Brennan, whom authorities led from the screening area with a towel around his waist.

Two screening lanes closed temporarily during the incident, but there were no flight delays.


Four escape county jail after transfer from prison

TOPEKA — A convicted murderer and another inmate who escaped from a Kansas jail after being transferred there because of overcrowding at a state prison remained at large Wednesday evening, while two others were apprehended.

The Kansas Highway Patrol reported that the four men escaped from the Ottawa County Jail in Minneapolis, a small town about 120 miles west of Topeka, about 4:45 a.m.

The two still at large are Santos Carrera-Morales and Eric James, both 22. Kansas Department of Corrections spokesman Jeremy Barclay said the men may have been traveling in another vehicle or may have separated by Wednesday evening.

The four men were among 22 inmates who had been transferred from the Ellsworth Correctional Facility in January to help alleviate the prison’s crowded conditions.


UC-Davis chief resigns over pepper-spray incident

DAVIS — The police chief who oversaw the University of California, Davis, police department during its pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters said Wednesday that she is stepping down.

UC Davis spokesman Barry Shiller said Chief Annette Spicuzza told the school she is retiring effective Thursday.

Chief Spicuzza told the Sacramento Bee that she does not want the Nov. 18 incident to define her or the university, and she’s leaving so everyone involved can move forward.

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