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Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos noted the passion of the show’s audience has grown, with fans petitioning, blogging and tweeting to bring back the show, confirming that after months of negotiations, the cast and creators are coming back for an original fourth season on the streaming service.

“The seeds for a Netflix reunion came from a simple party conversation with Ron Howard, that let to a meeting with Brian Grazer, which led to a meeting with Mitch Hurwitz, which led to a meeting with Gary Newman at Fox,” Mr. Sarandos explained, with cast members Mr. Arnett, David Cross, Alia Shawkat, Mr. Tambor and Jessica Walter in attendance.

“It was clear that everybody wanted to come back; we just need to figure out how to make it work with everyone’s incredibly busy schedules. We decided not to follow the conventional definition of a season; we would produce exactly how many episodes were needed to tell the story.”

For his part, Mr. Hurwitz said he is excited to return to the dysfunctional Bluth family in a different format and noted the similarities between the show’s 2003 launch and its rebirth with Netflix.

“We were very fortunate to get on the air with a show that was very different at its time, and there is something very exciting about doing that again in this new format, especially dropping all of these episodes at the same time,” he noted, acknowledging that thanks to Netflix, the show has gained fans during its five years off the air.

“We are embracing the fact that these episodes are being ‘aired,’ so to speak, at the same time. And it is changing our storytelling; we had a lot of secrets that we were planting in storytelling,” he said, citing the show’s blind character (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who ultimately turned out to not actually be blind. “Hopefully by the end of the episodes you will want to go back to the start and view it through new eyes.”

‘The Bachelor’s‘ Flajnik: There’s ‘no rush’ to wed

“The Bachelor” star Ben Flajnik and bride-to-be Courtney Robertson were all smiles as they checked out wedding gowns at a bridal fashion show, but don’t expect a save-the-date card from the couple anytime soon.

“Slowly but surely is kind of what we’re preaching here. No rush,” said the floppy-haired, 29-year-old Northern California winemaker after sitting in the front row at the “Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld” runway show in New York on Monday.

“It’s working out nice, kind of normal. [We’re] getting back to normal life,” Miss Robertson added.

The 28-year-old model was the most controversial contestant on the 16th season of the ABC dating show. Her snarky comments and rude behavior toward the other contestants vying for Mr. Flajnik’s affection had Mr. Flajnik and many fans questioning her character. In fact, Mr. Flajnik was so appalled that he briefly broke up with her after choosing her to be his bride.

The couple said they are happy to be out of the spotlight now, and they’re taking their engagement one day at a time.

“I feel like a lot of these couples haven’t worked out because of the pressure to set a date,” said Mr. Flajnik of other failed “Bachelor” unions. “We’re working on our own timeline here. We don’t have ABC or anyone saying, ‘You’re getting married.’ That’s not how it works.”

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