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Inmates weren’t able to move around the prison while a hazardous-materials team checked out the substance.

Mr. Sell said local and federal law enforcement authorities were also notified.

Blagojevich reported to the prison March 15 to begin serving a 14-year sentence.


Coast Guard monitors derelict Japanese ship

ANCHORAGE — The U.S. Coast Guard is monitoring a derelict Japanese ship that is drifting toward Alaska.

Coast Guard spokesman David Mosley says the shrimping vessel is drifting slowly northwest in the Gulf of Alaska about 125 miles west of the nearest point of land. It is heading toward the southeast Alaska town of Sitka 170 miles to the north.

A Coast Guard C-130 was heading to the ship Monday to pinpoint the location and check if a data buoy was successfully dropped on Saturday.

The vessel has been adrift since it was launched by a tsunami caused by the quake that struck Japan last year.


2 jurors removed from city’s priest-abuse trial

PHILADELPHIA — Two jurors have been dismissed just one week into the landmark priest-abuse trial under way in Philadelphia.

It’s not clear why the pair were removed before the trial resumed Monday, but two of eight alternates replaced them.

Monsignor William Lynn’s child-endangerment and conspiracy trial could last three months or more.

The 61-year-old monsignor is the first Roman Catholic church official in the U.S. charged for his handling of priest-abuse complaints. Prosecutors say he helped the church bury them in secret files.

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