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“A legal private property regime for real estate on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids could usher in a new era of space exploration at little or no cost to the U.S. government,” a supporting study says. “Space is rich in valuable resources. But without off-planet property rights, investors have little incentive to fund space transportation or development.”

Mr. Simberg predicts that claim rights would transform our perception of space from “an off-limits scientific preserve to a frontier of possibilities for exploration, resource development, and human settlement.” Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who pushed entrepreneurial space exploration in his campaign, would love the idea. President Obama, no fan of such things, might shake his head.

“Property rights are at the core of personal freedoms,” says Gary C. Hudson, president of the nonprofit Space Studies Institute. “There’s no reason to believe that they are any less important off the Earth than they are here on Earth.”

See the study here:


“Don’t panic, Republicans. For the last month or two, news coverage has frequently been hysterical. The Republican war on women! Occupy the 1%! Ryan budget pushes Grandma over a cliff! Again! Trayvon Martin! The Republican war on hoodies! To some extent, of course, the hysteria is intended to stir up the Democrats’ base. But I think it is also intended to demoralize and confuse Republicans, and throw us off our game,” counsels lawyer and policy analyst John Hinderaker, who backs up his conclusions with poll numbers on such issues here:


• 52 percent of registered Wisconsin voters say the nation’s worst economic problems are “behind us.”

• 32 percent of Wisconsin Republicans, 34 percent of the state’s conservatives, 73 percent of its Democrats and 71 percent of liberals agree.

• 52 percent of Wisconsin voters overall would support President Obama in an Obama/Mitt Romney matchup if the election were today; 35 percent of Wisconsin voters overall would vote for Mr. Romney.

• 51 percent would support Mr. Obama in an Obama/Rick Santorum matchup; 38 percent would vote for Mr. Santorum.

• 51 percent would support President Obama in an Obama/Ron Paul matchup; 36 percent would vote for Mr. Paul.

Source: An NBC News/Marist Poll of 2,792 registered Wisconsin voters conducted March 26-27.

(THE POLL: Obama leads Romney in Wisconsin among registered voters, 52 percent to 35 percent, with 13 percent undecided. And he edges Santorum, 51 percent to 38 percent, with 11 percent undecided. The poll suggests, however, that both Romney and Santorum would have room to grow in the general election, given that a substantial portion of the undecided vote leans Republican.)

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