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And having witnessed the debacle surrounding the GOP presidential primary ballot process in Virginia apology accepted.

Politics as usual

It was supposed to be a debate for Democrats, but Don Folden Sr didn’t see it that way.

Before the Washington City Paper’s debate among candidates for the Ward 7 D.C. Council seat, Mr. Folden plopped down in the center chair of a table at the front of Ray’s the Steaks at East River. Organizers implored him to move. After all, he already had debated his Republican rival, Ron Moten, at a Denny’s.

Mr. Folden didn’t budge, so they let him participate. It’s a good thing they did, because the audience was treated to gems like “Y’all can boo all you want, I don’t care,” and, with a sweeping gesture to the Democrats, “You better pray and hope Ron Moten wins, because none of them can beat me.”

Of course, his clever observations and witty remarks might not have left much of an impression on the crowd, since they were overshadowed by the jabs being thrown among the actual invitees. After all, it’s not every day that a debate question about an incumbent’s connections to Wal-Mart prompts a rejoinder about another candidate being arrested for soliciting a prostitute.