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Now you know “the rest of the story,” as radio broadcaster Paul Harvey used to say. It explains the difference between what we know in our gut and what we hear out of Mr. Obama’s Washington. And as usual, it confirms that we should trust our gut.

As bad as the Obama energy reality is, the good news is that America can turn the tide rapidly and take control of our energy destiny. That’s because we are, as previously stated, the single most energy-rich country in the world, bar none. All we need to do is have a government that lets us produce it.

If the president and his administration spent less time crafting their labored image of promoting domestic energy production and spent more time actually opening up our vast federal resources, we’d be on our way to building energy independence, to helping lower the price at the pump, to creating millions of good-paying jobs - even on our way to increasing revenue and lowering deficit and debt, since new domestic production would produce enormous new federal revenue.

Sen. David Vitter is a Louisiana Republican.