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Hunter appreciated how into the game Ovechkin was despite not being on the ice in the crucial moments, like when Beagle saved the game by lying down in front of shot from Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk.

“Ovi, he’s a team guy. He’s rooting for the guys on the bench,” Hunter said. “When Beags goes down there, he’s the first one to jump up and yell. You appreciate what guys like that do, and that’s why he’s a real team guy.”

Ovechkin was on the ice for Boston’s lone goal scored against Braden Holtby on Thursday night, and his defensive coverage cost the Caps some chances, especially in the second period. But Hunter praised Ovechkin for his defensive play and credited him with creating the two-on-one that led to Johansson’s goal 1:22 into the game.

Asked to assess his performance in Game 4, Ovechkin flashed a smile.

“Well, like, we win,” he said. “So I play good.”