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Gov. Daniels bows out of VP sweepstakes

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana thought long and hard before deciding not to run for president. Now, with Mitt Romney the likely nominee, he is professing no interest in joining the GOP ticket as a vice-presidential candidate.

Mr. Daniels says that if Mr. Romney came calling, Mr. Daniels would “demand reconsideration” and send Mr. Romney a list of people he thinks would be better suited for the job.

Mr. Daniels tells “Fox News Sunday” that there is a lot of talent in the GOP and Mr. Romney will have a good pool to pick from.

The governor says he has promised the people in Indiana that he would serve out his second four-year term. He won election in 2004 and again in 2008.

Mr. Daniels says he likes “living up to the commitment, showing that it was real.”


Obama adviser views West Virginia as tough sell

A top adviser to President Obama’s campaign says he understands the political calculation behind West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement that he is not sure right now whether he will vote for his party’s candidate in November.

Obama strategist David Axelrod says he hopes the Democratic lawmaker ultimately will warm to Mr. Obama before the election.

Mr. Manchin, who also is up for re-election, is citing concerns about Mr. Obama’s economic and energy policies. West Virginia has voted Republican in the past three presidential elections.

Mr. Axelrod tells CNN “State of the Union” that West Virginia will be a “tough state for us again” and that Mr. Manchin was “making a political judgment about himself.” Mr. Axelrod says he hopes Mr. Manchin will ultimately take into account wider U.S. interests.


Ho hum: Obama on brink of Democratic nomination

It’s official: President Obama will clinch the Democratic nomination for president Tuesday, ending a low-key primary race that many Americans probably didn’t realize was happening.

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