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“We need to see a young player like that gain some confidence if we’re going to become a better team down the stretch,” Julien said.

Consider Seguin’s body of work beyond six playoff games, and the confidence is oozing from his 29 goals and 38 assists during the regular season. Seguin called himself “comfortable and confident” and that didn’t fade despite no points in the first five games against the Caps.

“We’re pretty proud and pleased at the way he’s handled everything since he’s been with us,” Julien said. “He’s a player that still knows that he’s got a lot to learn and wants to learn to become the best player he can in this league. What he did [Sunday] is just showcase some of the potential that he’s got moving forward.”

Seguin used to catch himself staring across the ice during warm-ups at the likes of Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin and admitted to feeling a little “star-struck.”

“You definitely have respect for them,” he said. “In the end, this is my job now, too. So you respect those great players but not too much to the point where they stick the puck in the back of your net and you’re sitting there just watching.”

Now, other young players are watching as Seguin puts the puck in the net. He shrugged that notion off, though, saying he’s “still a young player.”

True enough, but a young player who has matured quickly while rising to stardom.

“You would think it would do the opposite, but we have a pretty good bunch of guys around him,” Thornton said. “For as big he’s gotten at such a young age, I think he’s doing a good job of taking it in stride.”