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Mr. Poth was dressed for court in a white jumpsuit and handcuffs, a thick chain around his waist. He said nothing except to identify himself by name for the judge who ordered him to remain behind bars until his next hearing May 15.

The incident weighed on some residents and nearby business operators along Barracks Row on Monday.

“There are not too many fights around here,” said Jorge Ribera, a manager of Banana Cafe and Piano Bar, who’s worked for the restaurant for nearly all 17 years it’s been open. “This is a good area. I see these guys all the time. They are nice here. I’m surprised. It’s more of a shock.”

Alex Brewer, a three-year resident of Capitol Hill and 10-year resident of the District, said that based on what is known about the case right now two words come to mind: “isolated incident.”

“This is not something likely to happen again,” he said, calling Mr. Poth’s actions “horrifying,” but also “a poor decision.”

“It isn’t a reflection of the neighborhood,” Mr. Brewer said, adding that the Marines, “help little old ladies carry big bags of dog food. They’re some of the most polite, well spoken, nicest guys. Marines are not violent guys.”