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“Everybody is going to have to make some changes,” Hancock said. “Everybody recognizes the importance of the Rose Bowl.”

There have also been discussions about playing semifinals on campus sites and having only the championship game at a neutral site, like a college football Super Bowl. That idea was pushed by the Big Ten, which has long desired getting teams from warmer climates on its frozen turf for big games.

But there are concerns that playoff games on campuses could be logistical nightmares and the idea doesn’t seem to be gaining support.

“I think maybe it has more disadvantages than advantages,” Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive said. “One of the disadvantages is I think when you’re trying to determine who’s going to play for the national championship, what’s the competitive environment in which you put a team to play for the national championship.

“That’s not to say that I wouldn’t listen to it.”

The full group hasn’t even started talking about a new model for revenue distribution, which Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson predicted would be “contentious.”

How willing Delany and Scott are to consider options that could minimize the importance of the Rose Bowl will be pivotal in determining what proposals the commissioners take with them when they leave Florida.

“How it ends up,” Delany said, “to be determined.”

The end is near, though. Hancock said that the commissioners would like to be able to present a new format to the presidential oversight committee for approval by July 4.


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