- - Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grade: C

“President Obama is presiding over the least popular federal government in 15 years. The first lady has taken a very unpopular half-million-dollar vacation.

Now only 29 percent feel the country is headed in right direction — down 4 points. And there are charges galore that the president is out of touch. But, the rub is whether or not voters think that Mitt Romney is in touch. Mr. Obama leads by three over Mr. Romney and still maintains a 48 percent job-approval rating.

Over a year ago, I did a poll and asked what level of unemployment would voters feel comfortable voting for Mr. Obama — at 8.2 percent, a plurality said yes. At 8 percent, a majority said yes. Hey, lots can (and probably will) happen over next few months. But, for now the president stays where he was last week.”

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