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“It got down to the point where I was dyeing it every two to three weeks. I just decided, `I’m not doing this anymore.’ I felt like I had sold my soul and betrayed myself,” she said.

After sharing her hair story on-air, King was deluged with emails from viewers, including many women who colored and some who worried she had fallen ill. “The response was overwhelmingly positive,” King said. “They said it was a relief for them, that they could see someone that made it OK to be gray.”

King knows her road to gray wouldn’t have gone so well had she been a TV news star elsewhere.

“I work in a youth-oriented industry and I’m not an idiot,” she said. “This is not Miami. This is not Los Angeles. I would have been fired had I worked in some other markets. I can’t get a job anywhere else, I don’t think. I have no illusions about what I’ve done and I’m good with that.”


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