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FRINGE PLAYER: Luke Donald is contemplating a new way to handle shots that are just off the green _ using a driver.

Donald said it gets delicate just off the green. There’s a bit of dew in the morning, and the ball glides through the grass easier. In the afternoon, when conditions are dryer, he said the grass is more sticky and slows a putt.

“I’ve experimented a little bit with actually using a driver around the greens,” he said. “A lot of people use rescue (clubs), 3-woods, sometimes putters. But I just found the driver had the perfect loft, that it was able to go through the grass a little bit.

“Whether I’ll use it this year or not, I’m not sure, but certainly something I’ve been playing around with.”


CHAMPIONS BARBECUE: The Champions Dinner at the Masters on Tuesday night has featured a range of food, with the defending champion in charge of the menu. Bernhard Langer served wiener schnitzel and spaetzle. Ben Crenshaw had beef brisket. Vijay Singh went with chicken panang curry.

This year will feature something really different.

Monkey gland sauce.

“It’s got nothing related to the name,” Charl Schwartzel said. “There’s no monkey, and there’s no gland.”

The South African said the sauce is familiar at restaurants in his home country, where it is used on meats. He said it was a chutney Worcester sauce with some onion, and it’s rather tasty.

“I had the chef yesterday bring me a sample, and even he said he was a bit surprised,” Schwartzel said. “He was a bit suspicious about it and he tasted it, and he said, `Yeah, it’s good sauce that you just put over your meat.’”

Schwartzel did not do the cooking, a story he said was taken out of context.

South Africans rarely let a weekend go by without a braai _ their word for barbecue _ and he asked if he could do the cooking.

“I had made a suggestion, if I could maybe cook the meat,” he said. “But then they explained to me that it’s only a little short time and you mix with all of the guys. And then I realized, I don’t really want to do it because then I’m not going to get to talk to everyone. I don’t want to get too much oil on my green jacket, either.”

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