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So far, however, no one in the governor’s mansion is panicking. There have been at least four previous attempts to recall Mr. Jindal, all of which failed. In fact, there has never been a successful recall drive against a statewide or parishwide official in Louisiana’s history.

“We’re not concerned and not surprised that the coalition of the status quo is trying to intimidate people who want to improve our schools,” Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said.

While both have greatly angered teachers’ unions, there are key differences between Mr. Walker’s reforms and the ones proposed in Louisiana. Most notably, Mr. Jindal’s legislation does not strip teachers of their collective-bargaining rights, as the Wisconsin bills did.

Short of a major push by state teaches unions and help from their national counterparts — like the effort that forced the Wisconsin recall — analysts think the Jindal petition effort is likely going nowhere.

“The Jindal thing just doesn’t look very credible,” Mr. Finn said.