- - Monday, April 30, 2012

CLEVELAND — A federal judge is weighing the government’s request to require a suspect in beard- and hair-cutting attacks against fellow Amish in Ohio to hire a private attorney.

Federal prosecutors said in a court filing last week that Sam Mullet Sr. recently received more than $2 million from gas and oil leases on his property.

Prosecutors said Mr. Mullet was able to obtain a public defender by being less than forthcoming about his financial situation.

Prosecutors also said Mr. Mullet should not be released on bond because of the possibility he could hide himself on his 800-acre property in eastern Ohio and try to avoid attending his trial.

Mr. Mullet’s attorney argued that the $2 million is enough to ensure a sizable cash bond for his client to be freed.


Japanese man sentenced in turtle smuggling case

LOS ANGELES — A Japanese man has been sentenced in Los Angeles to nearly two years in prison for smuggling 55 live turtles and tortoises from his country into the United States by hiding them in snack food boxes.

Atsushi Yamagami was sentenced Monday to 21 months in prison and ordered to pay about $18,000 in fines. He pleaded guilty in August to one felony count of smuggling.

Yamagami and Norihide Ushirozako were arrested in January 2011 at Los Angeles International Airport as part of an undercover investigation called Operation Flying Turtle.


Mother, son killed in accidents hours apart

WEST ALLIS — A Wisconsin woman and her adult son were killed in separate traffic crashes just hours apart in a Milwaukee suburb, police said Monday.

Mary J. Moore, 45, died after she was struck by a vehicle on a street in West Allis. A friend was speeding her son, Thomas M. Olson, 22, to the hospital to see her when he struck three parked cars and overturned, West Allis Deputy Chief Charles Padgett said. Mr. Olson was killed in the crash about 5:30 a.m. Sunday.

Chief Padgett said Mr. Olson knew his mother had been hit, but he wasn’t sure whether the son knew she had died.

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