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“The heavy lifting is the writing, arranging and recording,” said 69-year-old Johnston, who joined the group in 1965. “This is not the heavy lifting. This is the chocolate cake for me because we get to pull all of these magnificently arranged parts out and sing them live. We don’t have to write them now. We just have to pull them out of the trunk.”

The Beach Boys will stuff more tunes into that trunk with the release of an as-yet-untitled album of new material this summer. Love said the new songs will recall their classic harmony-stacked style. The group plans to perform their new single, “That’s Why God Made the Radio,” while on tour and may add new tracks to the set list when the album is released.

“We’re slaves to the Beach Boys legacy,” said Marks. “We’re just out there trying to keep that legacy alive. I can’t count how many times people have come up to me after shows and told me that they sing their children to sleep with `Surfer Girl.’ I look in the audience and little children know the words to `Help Me Rhonda,’ and 80 year olds are dancing in the aisles.”




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