- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 5, 2012


School OKs gay student’s T-shirt for 1 day only

CINCINNATI | A gay student suing his Ohio high school for prohibiting him from wearing a T-shirt designed to urge tolerance will be allowed to wear the shirt for one day.

Maverick Couch’s lawsuit charges that Waynesville High School and the Wayne Local School District are violating his freedom of expression rights by saying the shirt is sexual in nature and inappropriate for school.

Court records show that the district agreed Wednesday to let Maverick, 16, wear the shirt saying “Jesus Is Not A Homophobe” on the April 20 Day of Silence. The annual national event protests bullying of gay students.

The district superintendent says only that some progress was made in the case.


Doctors want to redefine autism; parents worried

CHICAGO | For the first time in nearly two decades, experts are trying to rewrite the definition of autism.

And that worries some parents and specialists.

For many years, different autism-related labels have been used, including Asperger’s disorder. Doctors working on the new definition want to dump the confusing labels and lump them all into one category called “autism spectrum disorder.”

Some specialists think that will weed out many autistic children. And parents of mildly affected children worry their children will lose access to special education.

A decision is expected by December. The new definition would then be added to the reference manual used by psychiatrists.


Judge won’t dismiss charge against diocese, bishop

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