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The rear seat is slightly raised above the level of the front seat to provide better visibility for the backseat passengers.

Those same passengers are treated to a foot rest to make long trips more enjoyable.

A push button installed on the left end of the dashboard activates the starter, replacing the foot starter.

The battery is located in a cradle below the floor boards under the driver’s seat.

The hand brake, which formerly sprouted from the floor, was moved to the left side of the car under the dashboard.

The gear shift lever was left on the floor for a few more years.

eated behind the three-spoke steering wheel, the driver looks through a windshield that is raked at 18 degrees. Vacuum wipers keep the aerodynamic windshield clear.

On the outside on a narrow cowl, a ventilator hinged at the front draws fresh air inside.

Efforts were also made to feed cool air to the 353-cubic-inch V-8 engine.

A snorkel on the air cleaner runs forward to suck in air ahead of the radiator.

Under the front end of the car was General Motors’ famous ‘Knee Action’ independent coil spring suspension.

At both ends of the handsome convertible sedan are stylish two-piece bumpers reminiscent of the wings on a biplane.

That impractical style of bumpers lasted only one year.

Parking lights are incorporated into the design of the stanchions supporting the headlights.

Red wire wheels are hidden behind the huge wheel-cover discs. The ‘dust covers’ supposedly give the car a more substantial appearance.

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