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Eva Rausing came from an affluent American family, and Hans Kristian is a scion of one of Europe’s richest families — his father has a net worth estimated at 4.3 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) from the sale of his stake in the Tetra Pak milk-carton packaging company.

But their wealth was no shield from the addictive power of drugs, despite repeated attempts at rehab.

Their drug problems, long an open secret among family and friends, first came to public attention in 2008 after Eva Rausing was caught trying to bring heroin and crack cocaine into the heavily-guarded U.S. Embassy in London. A subsequent search of the couple’s home turned up a large quantity of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin.

Their four children are being raised by one of Hans Kristian’s sisters.

Hans Kristian’s parents, Hans and Marit Rausing, released a statement several weeks ago characterizing Eva’s death and its aftermath as “a reminder of the distorted reality of drug addiction.” They said they hoped their “dear son Hans” could find the strength for the “long and hard” journey of rehabilitation.

Eva’s parents also released a supportive statement shortly after her death. They emphasized the positive nature of the Rausings’ marriage, saying they had been a “devoted and loving” couple for 21 years.