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There are so many school forums in the city even stakeholders can’t keep track.

Before an education forum Tuesday night at Providence Hospital, a parent mentioned that Chancellor Kaya Henderson was holding another forum at Phelps, a dual-track academic and career high school. His comment led several people to whip out their smartphones and check. Lo and behold, the chancellor’s meeting was scheduled for Wednesday evening.

While their sighs of relief at not missing a rare chance to have a go with the chancellor certainly were revealing, the expressions on their faces were priceless.

The point: Ever since charter schools became a point of reckoning, the education gin mills have been holding more what-do-you-think-of-school forums around the city, which means everybody yet nobody is in charge.

Members of each group merely gather information, distill it as they see fit and get paid.

No wonder there is no plan.

Shhh: On Thursday, the Fordham Institute will release a new study that looks at education priorities.

I’ve seen the study, but I can’t speak a peep because it’s embargoed.

Check me out on Friday, when I discuss public funding and school closings.

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