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“A lot of safe throws,” Garcon said.

Added Griffin: “It is the preseason, so I’m not going to be running around as much as people would like or would want to see from myself.”

                                                •     •    •

Griffin and RB Evan Royster vowed to correct the fumbled handoff. They’re glad happened now instead of when the games count.

“I should have had it and I take full blame for it,” Royster said. “I tried to pull it up and it just rolled off my hand.”

When I saw Griffin chasing after the fumble return, my first vision was of him getting injured, similar to what happened to Clinton Portis in the 2006 preseason. But Griffin is a competitor, and he showed he has his teammates’ back.

Coach Mike Shanahan bristled, and rightfully so, when a media member suggested he tell Griffin not to pursue that play.

“He’s a football player,” Shanahan said. “He is going to make a tackle on that guy. That’s what he should do.”

And how about Griffin taking on a blocker, shedding him and then nearly jarring the ball loose in bounds? The guy is a bit of an athlete, no?

                                                •     •    •

Griffin and Garcon extensively analyzed their performance on the sideline after they were taken out of the game. That falls in line with what we know about Griffin as a committed student.

“He was just trying to tell me to make sure I stayed focused, make sure I look at all the reads, learn how to read the defenses and those type of things,” Griffin said. “Then just me and him talking, just making sure we were on the same page versus what coverages we did get while we were in the game. A lot of the times as a football player if you only get 10 or 12 plays you want to make sure they’re perfectly right. We were just going over those plays again.”

Another positive sign in an overwhelmingly positive night.