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Morse’s medical license in Washington state expired in December 2007, the same year he was granted a license in Delaware. An online check of licensing records found no indication that Morse has been the subject of professional disciplinary action in Washington or Delaware.

On his website, Morse describes his struggles with legal and family problems stemming from his first marriage and how he was told by an imaginary falcon to move “quickly in the dark of night” to the East Coast, where his destiny lay and where he could find rich soil for his “BIG IDEA” to grow.

Morse does not directly describe his “BIG IDEA” but says it took him years to think about and write down, that it came from children, and that “it made a lot of people cry.”

“People from all over the world asked him to come and talk to them about his BIG IDEA,” he wrote, often using the third person. “He noticed that most of these people had a child who had died.”