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“Those guys in Indy had a long history,” Garcon said. “It wasn’t built over one year. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll have out here in D.C.”

Coach Mike Shanahan has seen some great pairings during his career, and he believes Griffin and Garcon could be the next. He coached John Elway and Rod Smith with the Denver Broncos. Steve Young and Jerry Rice dominated while Shanahan was the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive coordinator in the 1990s.

Several threads connect those relationships.

“Number one, you last a while,” Shanahan said. “Elway and Steve Young, they both were able to mature in the system. Steve [was] in the 49ers system and Elway [was] in the Broncos system all the way through their career. I think that really helped both of them. They have those guys work that long together; you start to add up some numbers.”

And so it’s probably premature to expect greatness from Griffin and Garcon. But the quarterback is 22, and the receiver is only 26. They have time to make it work the way Shanahan has witnessed in the past.

“They both have that ability,” Shanahan said. “It’s easy to say that, especially in your first year, but I really do believe that Pierre is very, very special. I think, as we talked about, Robert is very special. But a lot of work [is required] between now and then, and hopefully we can keep on improving. We’d like to be in that company in the future.”