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Hamlisch’s reach extended into the pop world, writing the No. 1 R&B hit “Break It to Me Gently” with Carole Bayer Sager for Aretha Franklin. He co-wrote “One Song” sung by Tevin Campbell and produced by Quincy Jones, and “I Don’t Do Duets” sung by Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight.

He was working on a new musical, “Gotta Dance,” at the time of his death and was scheduled to write the score for a new Soderbergh film on Liberace, “Behind the Candelabra,” starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. In Nashville, Tenn., the Tennessee Performing Arts Center is producing his new musical production of “The Nutty Professor,” directed by Jerry Lewis.

Hamlisch also enjoyed holding a baton, conducting orchestras in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Dallas, Seattle and San Diego, among others. At the time of his death, he was to be announced as the principal pops conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. And on New Year’s Eve, he was to conduct a concert with the New York Philharmonic.

Outside the synagogue, Uggams recalled Hamlisch’s great sense of humor, while Danza called him “one of the truly greats.” Torre said: “I was probably just as much a fan of his as he was of mine.”

Esparza remembered auditioning for “Sweet Smell of Success” as a young actor. He didn’t get a part, but Hamlisch stopped him later at a restaurant and told him he wished they had cast him and thought Esparza was going to be huge. “You know what? For a guy who is starting out, to hear that from Marvin Hamlisch at a diner, that’s huge.”