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When will America learn that we cannot buy good behavior? We cannot reward autocrats or leaders who torture their people. We should not send $1 billion to Pakistan while it imprisons a hero who helped us capture bin Laden.

It’s a travesty of justice that Pakistan is holding Dr. Afridi for the made-up crime of helping America. I do not understand why it is being tolerated.

We send Pakistan $2 billion a year. Recently, instead of withholding that, Mr. Obama has given the Pakistanis an additional $1 billion. That is exactly the wrong thing to do. I have a bill that will withhold all further foreign aid to Pakistan unless this doctor is released.

Reports from the information minister in the province where Dr. Afridi is being held claim the doctor’s life has been threatened by fellow inmates and the community. My concern is that Dr. Afridi may well be killed before he comes to trial. He was scheduled for an appeal on July 19, but the appeal was rescheduled to August.

I have a bill and all the signatures necessary to force a vote when Congress returns on withholding foreign aid to Pakistan until Dr. Afridi is released. Additionally, I have refused to consent to the appointment of our ambassador to Pakistan until this vote is allowed to happen. This is a serious matter that is not being dealt with by the Obama administration or the Senate, and I will use every possible tool to see justice done or aid cut off.

Sen. Rand Paul is a Kentucky Republican.