Women turn out for Ryan debut in Colorado

The Obama camp has focused its Colorado effort on gaining the women’s vote by stressing issues such as abortion and contraception. Two weeks ago in Denver, Mr. Obama gave a speech on the theme “Women’s Health Security” to a largely female crowd, while his television ads have blasted Mr. Romney for his pro-life stance.

Mrs. Lilly said the Obama team is missing the point. “I think it’s divisive and deflective of the Democratic Party to cater to specific groups rather than the overall shape of our country,” she said. “Democrats make it sound like Republicans are against birth control. Well, you’re welcome to use the pill, but I don’t think it should be free.”

Breanna Williams, a 17-year-old high school senior from Broomfield who will just miss being old enough to vote in November, said such so-called women’s health issues as contraception “aren’t a big deal” in the 2012 race.

“I’m concerned with small business because I want to own a small business some day, and I’m worried about getting a job after college,” said Miss Williams.

Several people admitted they knew little about Mr. Ryan before his selection as Romney’s running mate.

“I’m just now learning about Ryan,” said Janiece Murri of Roxborough. “I know he’s a strong family man and he’s good on the economy. The fact that he’s pro-life shows he has the kind of conservative values I appreciate.”

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