- - Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KABUL — Suicide bombers launched multiple attacks in a remote corner of southwestern Afghanistan near the Iranian border Tuesday, killing policemen and shoppers buying food to break their daily Ramadan fast.

A market bombing in northern Afghanistan brought the overall toll to 46 in the deadliest day for civilians this year.

There were no claims of responsibility, but the attacks on opposite ends of the country — the provinces of Nimroz in the southwest and Kunduz in the north — came as Taliban insurgents and their allies step up attacks while international troops hand over security responsibility to Afghan forces.

NATO plans to withdraw most of its troops by the end of 2014.

There have been relatively few insurgent attacks in Nimroz over the past year.

Tuesday’s bombings took place in the provincial capital, Zaranj, where three men wearing suicide vests detonated their explosives in different neighborhoods, provincial police Chief Musa Rasouli said. At least 25 civilians and 11 police were killed, he said.


Ex-president faces trialon bribery charges

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina is putting a former president on trial for bribery.

Fernando de la Rua is accused of paying $5 million to a group of senators in exchange for their votes to remove worker protections in the year 2000, when the International Monetary Fund was making workforce flexibility a requirement for extending loans to Argentina.

The law was overturned long ago, and the case is coming to trial after 12 years of preparation.

A three-judge panel has accepted the bribery as fact; now prosecutors must prove Mr. de la Rua himself ordered the payments.

The trial is expected to stretch well into 2013 with more than 300 witnesses lined up, including President Cristina Fernandez, who was a senator at the time but is not accused of taking a bribe.


Think tank: N. Korea maycomplete reactor in 2013

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