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“Was it necessary for those who are behind the PWC report to dig the graves of the dead to achieve their political goals? Was it necessary to NOT respect their deaths?” bin Hammam wrote. “Was it necessary to humiliate their children and families in the way I believe that the PWC report has done? Are these our Asian ethics?”

The audit said some commercial rights contracts were no-bid deals that were “considerably undervalued,” and that $14 million in total was paid from several companies to the AFC for the “personal use of its president.”

Bin Hammam also attacked the AFC for hiring former FBI director Louis Freeh’s agency in the probe despite its evidence in the case that was overturned being “heavily criticized in the CAS judgment” for relying on “speculation rather than fact.”

“My legal team has filed an immediate response to the actions of the AFC and FIFA in relation to my latest politically motivated ban,” he wrote. “I will announce further steps very shortly.”

Bin Hammam, who helped Qatar win the right to stage the 2022 World Cup, was AFC president from 2002 until last year.

He is serving a 90-day ban so FIFA independent prosecutor Michael Garcia can examine the audit, ensuring Bin Hammam can’t immediately return to office and denying him a seat at the FIFA executive committee when it next meets in Zurich on Sept. 27-28.


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