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At one point, Savio allegedly told Peterson, “Go ahead and do what you came to do: Kill me,” Kernc testified.

“He said, ‘Where do you want it?’ And she said, ‘In the head.’” Kernc testified.

Peterson then allegedly told Savio to turn her head, which Savio did, Kernc said, based on what Savio told her.

“And then he said, ‘I can’t kill you,’” she told jurors. Peterson then threw a garage opener to the ground and left.

Shortly after Kernc finished telling that story, Patton turned and asked, “Did she tell you she wanted to get an order of protection?”

The defense objected to Patton’s question, and the judge asked jurors to leave the room.

Defense attorney Joel Brodsky cited other times prosecutors broached prohibited subjects, including when Glasgow — just 10 minutes into his opening statement — referred to an accusation that Peterson once tried to hire a hit man.

“It is an avalanche of prejudicial, illegal evidence that is polluting this jury,” he said. “To have this many … errors, how can the defendant get a fair trial?”

Peterson is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, who is presumed dead but whose body has never been found. He has never been charged in that case.